by Shaynne G.

Dr Doyle is fantastic. He is alot more than someone who gives you a massage. His clinic has up to date rehab machines, and his energy to help those in pain is catching. My back has never felt better and is stronger. Dr Doyle and his wife Melanine take excellent care and take time to make sure you are comfortable.. I tell everyone one about this clinic and will continue..

by Nancy's

Wow, what a MIRACLE I found after ten years of needing help! I had problems with pain in my left leg to my foot only. It got very bad that I could not even wear shoes which intensified the pain! Through the years I was diagnosed with five different 'diseases.' I went to Dr. Doyle after a recommendation of needing a back decompression machine (Triton). After looking this up on the computer, I found that Doc uses this particular machine. I did try it with his up-to-date techniques and he realized I was not responding within a couple weeks of treatment. He told me it was nerve pain that needed to be treated by a foot specialist. He recommended I see Dr. Robert Parker who specializes in nerve problems and my miracle happened! I had a successful surgery one month ago for peroneal nerve decompression; finally NO pain after 10 long years of searching for answers! He is awesome, I look forward to going to him for my physical therapy. If doc can't help you, he will direct you to someone who can (he won't waste your time like all the other chiropractors I've been to)! When it comes to a treatment plan, Dr. Doyle and Melanie will be there for you.

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